Excellent Glazing Ensures Optimal Sound Protection and Energy Efficient Thermal Insulation


Whether for windows, doors or winter gardens, glazing plays a significant role in ensuring maximum performance. Choosing the correct glazing elements provides a high level of both sound and temperature insulation, thus creating a comfortable living space. However, at ISOTOP, comfort and safety come hand in hand and one must not be forsaken for the other.

This is why sound absorption, temperature insulation, and burglary protection are equally important factors when selecting a fitting model for your purposes.


Identifying appropriate Glazing

The glazed surfaces of your windows should not only be aesthetically pleasing; depending on the installation location, you should take all of the following aspects into consideration:

     -Sound absorption – depending on the structure and thickness of the glazing.

     -Thermal insulation – every new constructional component must meet respective governmental savings regulations.

     -Burglary protection – depending on the installation location.


Common glazing is normally equipped with single, double or triple glass panes. Recommendations would depend on the intended installation location and purpose.

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