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The technology that ISOTOP offers is undisputed. uPVC windows and doors, which ISOTOP proudly manufactures, have the largest market share in Europe, and the rest of the world is promptly following suit. This is so for a variety of reasons:

-ISOTOP prides itself in more than 35 years of experience in the field and has expanded to become the leading manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors in Lebanon.

-ISOTOP uses premium, all-European materials and manufacturing methods. The uPVC profiles used by ISOTOP are made by a leading manufacturer, REHAU. The accessories and hardware on the other hand are also manufactured in Germany by a global, dominant company, GRETSCH-UNITAS.

-uPVC windows and doors allow for near-perfect sound and temperature insulation, unrivaled by other types of profiles.  This is perfect for noisy regions such as urban areas and Lebanon’s Mediterranean climate.

-ISOTOP windows and doors are specially formulated to be UV radiation, corrosion, rust, termites, wind, weather, saltwater and fire-resistant.

-The REHAU composition of uPVC profiles is environmentally friendly, as are both REHAU’s and ISOTOP’s manufacturing methods.

-The initial cost for uPVC windows and doors is significantly lower than that of comparable, equally-performing wood or aluminum profiles. In addition, ISOTOP windows and doors offer years of durability, functionality, and practicality with a need for very little, if any maintenance at all.

-uPVC windows and doors are the optimal choice when it comes to saving energy.  Coupled with proper glazing, due to the top-notch insulation achieved and the reduced need for indoor temperature control, uPVC profiles lead the way in being both money and energy saving.

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