Georgian Bars

Georgian bars act as a decorative element of a window. They diversify its appearance and increase its aesthetic value. They give the window a unique character and are among the integral elements of the architectural design of a building. Upon demand, ISOTOP windows and doors can be equipped with the following types of Georgian bars:


These bars are placed in between the glass panes of a door or window.  They are made of powder-coated aluminum (white, bronze C33 and C34) for straight and right-angled configurations or laser-cut PVC for custom and curved configurations.  


These "Viennese" bars, are installed on the outdoor and indoor faces of the glazing. They are made out of either aluminum or PVC and perfectly match the color of the profile used. 


These bars are part of the structural elements of a window and are made from the window profile. They improve the strength of the window and divide it into smaller pieces. Each resulting part of the separations is therefore fitted with an individual glass pane.

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