Tilt &Turn hard­ware


As one of the inter­na­tional market leaders in window and door tech­no­logy, the Gretsch­-Unitas Group is the com­pe­tent partner for Tilt&Turn hard­ware. The Tilt&Turn hard­ware range con­tains one-stop solu­tions that can be used in any situa­tion and are also aes­theti­cally appealing.

The principle of the cen­tral locking system

With this cen­tral locking system, GU Group is offe­ring a hard­ware system which can be used univer­sally for all window shapes and all PVC, timber and aluminium win­dows with a 16 mm groove.


The face-fixed 
UNI-JET hinge sides

Aes­thetics and slim line features in window design are becoming more and more important. The technical expecta­tions are also incre­asing. With the face-fixed UNI-JET hinge sides, GU group pro­vides a range that satisfies these design and tech­no­logy expecta­tions – irre­spec­tive of whe­ther for PVC, timber or aluminium win­dows.


The concealed 
UNI-JET hinge sides

The GU Group pro­vides a wide range of concealed hinge sides for PVC, timber and aluminium win­dows in order to meet high design expecta­tions and extend the scope of window design and manu­factu­ring freedom. The fully concealed hinges make the window pro­files a visual high­light.

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