SOREX FLEX Numeric Code & RFID Cylinder

The battery-operated SOREX FLEX Numeric Code & RFID Cylinder allows the locking and unlocking of doors with numerical codes as well as RFID cards and RFID key-fobs.  Since it is only necessary to exchange the existing key cylinder, it is ideal for retrofitting existing doors.  The cylinder can be adjusted for different door sizes, allowing the cylinder to be easily re-used.  After a numerical code has been entered or the card or fob has been held directly on the door knob, the rotary knob is released for unlocking / locking.

Technical Facts

o    Number of opening media: 10 Numeric codes, 20 RFID-Cards

o    Reading range: 20 mm

o    Working temperature: -40°C to +80°C

o    Batteries for electronic knob: 3 x AAA 1.5 Volt

o    Battery lifetime: Approx. 1 Year

o    Protection class: IP 44

o    Dimensions: rotary knob diameter: Outside 46 mm, Inside 36 mm

o    Cylinder length: adjustable Outside 40 – 60mm / Inside 30 – 65mm

o    Color/Material: brushed stainless steel

Economic Benefits

o    Possible to program up to 10 numeric codes & 20 RFID cards simultaneously

o    Easy and inexpensive possibility of retrofitting doors – Cylinder is adjustable in overall length from 70-120mm in 5mm increments

o    Easy opening – also suitable for children

o    Easy installation

Do not worry about empty batteries

SOREX FLEX door locks ensure a battery life of approximately 1 year, depending on the frequency of use.  With a remaining capacity of 100 door openings, the FLEX lock gives an audible warning as a reminder of the upcoming battery change.  If the charge is completely empty, the batteries can still be easily changed from the outside.  Thus, secure access is always guaranteed.
Batteries need to be changed with a special screwdriver (included in delivery) – they are not accessible to potential thieves!

In the unlikely event of a malfunction

SOREX FLEX products are designed for maximum reliability and robustness.  However, if there is a malfunction when opening by numeric code entry, the FLEX numeric code & RFID cylinder can still be unlocked with the separately available RFID media.
In the unlikely event of a total failure, the FLEX cylinder, like a conventional mechanical cylinder, must be drilled and removed by a specialist.


o    1 SOREX FLEX Numeric Code & RFID Cylinder

o    3 x AAA Batteries

o    Quick start guide

Additional Options

o    SOREX RFID Key Fob

o    SOREX Key Card

o    SOREX FLEX – Waterproof Case

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