Insulate Your Indoor Spaces with Unobstructed Views


Sliding windows have a sleek, modern look that emphasizes architectural style. This window style features less frame and more glass, offering an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Outstanding thermal properties make it easy to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and use energy more efficiently.

Single-, Double-, and Triple-Sliders


Simplicity is one of the beauties of a sliding window. A single-slider allows a horizontally operating left sash to slide past the right sash (or vice versa, depending on preference), which is fixed, all within a single frame. In a double-slider, the left and right sashes slide past each other. In a triple-slider, the left, right, and middle sashes all slide across the frame.

Designed for Your Larger Windows


The Euro-Design High Slide S920-86 profile provides consumers with all the benefits of the regular sliding S920 profile but with added durability that is designed especially for larger window measurements. 

The profile is made to withstand the added mass of glass panes that accompanies the larger sashes that can now reach up to 280cm in height and 200cm in width.



Construction Dept:



2-3 Chambers

Thermal Insulation:

Uf = 1.6W/m2K

Sound Insulation:

Up to 30dB

Air Tightness:

Class 4

Water Tightness:

Class 9 A / E 750

Glazing Capacity:

3mm ~ 24mm 

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