All our window and door accessories, from hinges to handles, are of the highest quality, manufactured by GRETSCH-UNITAS (G-U) in Germany.

Below is a short summary of the accessories available:

Modular assembly system - safety windows    

-Simple and easy selection from a range of functions.

- Further upgrading of safety features and additional functions is possible at any time.

Additional functions

- Comfort functions: fail safe device, limiter supports, balcony door catch, variable tilt device.

- Prominent locking key for easy opening of the casement sash.

- Possibility of having controllers for heating and other switch and safety functions using "intelligent" window contacts.

Design, Quality, Solidity

- Highly functional, intuitive ease of operation

- Easy to clean high quality accents for aesthetic windows.

- Ergonomic design for high standard of usability.

Components to increase safety:

- Lockable olive handle.

- Fittings reinforced with mushroom pins.

- Verified anti-lift-out protection with AHS fittings.

- EF1-/EF2 fittings.

- High penetration resistant laminated glass (VSG).

- Break-through and impact retardant glazing.

- REHAU adhesion glass-casement frame.


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