Thermo fireplace wood Rain 90AC

Hydro-burning fireplace in steel / refractory complete kit of hydraulic water HEATERS.

Ideal appliance for:

·         New construction of fireplaces

·         Easy installation: no need to the expansion tank in the attic

·         Ambient medium / large

Code 32153 - Rain 90 + KIT AC
Model Rain90 con KIT WATER HEATERS. The fireplace stove works to open tank while the heating system and the boiler works in closed vessel. It can be installed on the ground floor and warm even on the first floor. Complete with expansion tank open, 1 exchanger, 2 hydraulic pumps, hydraulic tube set, all already installed on the device.
Glass printed black. Double combustion. Complete of pump control. Automatic air inlet valve for better control of combustion. Combustion chamber in refractory and side deflectors painted steel high thickness.

   Data Sheet


Technical Data

    26 kw

    14 kw

    12 kw

    77,5 %

    - Kg/h

    - h

    12 Pa            

    Ø 200 mm    


    - w/h

   Technical Data Sheet

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