Corner M14 right & left

14 kw | 85.1%

Right & left angular pellet fireplace. Generous glass dimensions, big flame thanks to the double burner visible from different angles. A high-design pellet fireplace.


CORNER right-angle pellet fireplace design. Fire mouth 80 cm wide. View of the flame also on the side. Angular pellet fireplace with black silk-screened glass and enveloping pellet flame with double burner.

Radio remote control

Radio remote control with a large display to conveniently adjust all the functions of the appliance.

Electronics and extractor on the right

Electronics and fume extractor located on the right, small glass side. With a supplement you can move everything on the left.

Possibility to channel the air

Double centrifugal upper fan with the possibility of air ducting up to 6 meters distance with tube diam. 80 mm. A fan is automatically managed according to the pellet drop power, the other can be managed by the customer through the remote control.

Thermal account 2.0

It is included in the Thermal Account 2.0 with a bonus coefficient of: 1.0 . 
To find out the GSE refund go to the dedicated page by clicking on this link.

Codes and colors:

Cod. 50041 (Nero Ral9005)

Energy efficiency class (A ++; G)A +
Energy efficiency index


Environmental Certification DM186
FeaturesNominal powerReduced Power
Power introducedkW17.05.7
Nominal heat outputkW14.05.1
Autonomy of chargeh1441
Hourly consumptionKg / h3.51.2
Chimney draftPa1012
Smoke outlet temperature° C190106
Pellet tank capacity (± 20%)Kg50
Fume exhaust diametermm100
Air fanm3 / h160 + 160
Electrical absorption - Max 480 W -w / h21590
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)CmL 81 x W 63 x H 137

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