Design and Feel

Attractive colors, superior surface for the perfect bare foot feeling and
the knowledge that it will stay the same year after year.

Long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

Long-lasting satisfaction with minimal care required; no cracking,
no splintering – and everything in the form of an ecologically lasting solution.

Assembly and Maintenance

Time-saving installation, non-destructive dismantling, and reassembly-
the registered trademark fastening system makes it all possible.


First and foremost, you want to spend a relaxing time and enjoy the fine weather on your terrace. Whether you are sunbathing on a deck chair, having a long breakfast on a spring morning, spending a balmy evening cooking a barbecue or simply relaxing after a hard day’s work, RELAZZO will be there for you.

Even when the weather does not oblige, the terrace system REHAU Relazzo can take what everyday life throws at it and can withstand both high strains and weathering.

REHAU uses RAUWOOD for Relazzo, an innovative WPC composite material (Wood-Polymer-Composites), which combines the naturalness of wood with the advantages of modern polymers that only consist of wood fibres obtained from sustainable European forestry and environmentally friendly polypropylene.

Noticeable quality - these are the various product advantages of the decking system Relazzo:

•          Extreme surface hardness

•          Longevity and durability

•          High breaking resistance

•          Very good weathering resistance

•          Easy to lay and process

•          Environmentally friendly material

•          Anti-slip

•          Shatter-proof and crack-proof

•          Easy to clean

•          Retains shape

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